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Allison At 545 TransmissionCondition: Used Model/Part #: E001182 Core Charge: No Guarantee: 60-day money back Stock#: 30517100ATD3166. Vehicle owners were advised to bring in their. Xcalliber has a comprehensive product line consisting of NEW stock and performance aftermarket parts, …. Is a At 545 transmission as powerful as a 3000HS i read that a 545 is for a 30000 Gvw and a 3000Hs is 33000 GVW. (Used) 2001 Allison (AT), TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY- Model: AT545, Serial Number: 655703A, Part Number: E001103, Engine: Mitsubishi, For more information about this item, give us a call. Basic fluid would be Dextron,I would recomend TranSynd synthetic though,available at any Allison dealer. Once warmed up, transmission seems to not want to downshift and “flies out o … read more. I got a cooler from Tango that he didn't need and plan to install it when I do the fluid change. Allison AT545 Transmission for a 1997 Freightliner MT45 Chassis. New and Used Allison AT545 Transmission Assys For Sale. On May 22, Allison Transmission produces the 10,000th X1100 Abrams Tank. Complete professional technical service and repair manual written for your Allison transmission at 545. Allison Transmission Service Manuals. I have a harness and controller out of the truck the new trans came from. with an International DT-466 for optimal performance? I was out looking and test driving some different AmTran RE school buses today. John Deere Allison Rebuilt Transmissions For The 544A, 644A, 544B, 644B, 544C D, With A Six (6 Month Warranty. but i have added a TST powermax fuel box which allows me to adjust it. I can get a allison At 545 trans and the bellhousing starters and flywheels to bolt up for a pretty good price. (NEW) Allison HD4560P Output Type: 13T SPLINE DIRECT MOUNT Shift Option: 12V HYDRAULIC PTO. One 1996 had the T444E with the AT-545, one 1999 had the T444E with the AT-545, and one 2001 had the T444E with the Allison 2000. This time, the characteristic whines of Allison AT545 transmission are added to 2nd and 3rd gear, as well as up-shiftin. Manufacturer Allison Model AT 545 Condition Takeout Transmission Part Numbers Serial#: 3211074863, Part#: E004672. however, i dont know the torque values to put the bolts back on when i put it together. Truck started not going into reverse occasionally, now it won't at all. 3L Powerstroke to AllisonHas it been done?. Allison® transmissions provide customers with. Look at this Allison AT545 Transmission for a 1999 Ford F800 for sale in Idaho for $495. - Part Number MS27145-10 is the Connector Plug Pigtail Harness for this Backup Reverse Light Switch. When you're going down the road and step on the accelerator the check engine light with come on and flash and truck will go into limp mode and deeper. Weller Reman Center is an Allison Authorized Rebuilder, bringing you 100% genuine parts. Shortly after recognizing that problem, I noticed it was shuddering in reverse. Does anyone know if I can get a Allison Tranny At-545 to fit the Powerstroke? Some people have said there is an adapter plate, is this true? Is so where can I get it? Thanks,. This unit sits around a lot but has always been a reliable bus. 9 and a allison AT545 transmission. The AT's include the 540, 542, and 545. I can't see doing it; from a cost, complexity, and durability perspective. I think changing the external filter is not that hard but am confused about the internal filter. Allison AT545 Transmission Model. We serve nationwide and global clients from locations in California, Texas, Indiana and North Carolina. The bus was purchased from a public school district by the. ***A customer service representative will call you after placing your order to confirm this product's proper configuration. I have a 1999 Ford F800 with Allison AT 545 Transmission and 5. The engine peak torque is rated at 540 ft lbs. 1996 Allison AT545 Transmission for sale in Florida. Master Rebuild Kit for AT540/545 Allison Transmission. Truck only sees about 4K a year so I don't think that the engine swap would be worth it. The shallow pan AT545 filter is 58890 so you may well still have an AT545. I had to replace a bad brake line on the rear and noticed that the parking brake on the rear of the transmission is not hooked up. 215 Allison AT545 transmission fluid change on a school bus. Driver AT-540 ALL-4 4 R55 AT-542 ALL-4 4 R55 AT-543 ALL-4 4 R55 AT-545 ALL-4 4 R55 B 210 ALL-15 5 L64-R64 B 220 ALL-15 5 L64-R64 B 300 ALL-13 6 L68-R68 B 400 ALL-13 6 L68-R68 B 500 ALL-14 6 L97-T97 CLBT-750 ALL-6 5 L78. drive it like a really heavy car, when you hit the grades, turn on the 4 ways, slow down, sit back and let everyone pass. De nyeste annoncer placeres øverst. ALLISON AT 545 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATION Specialiazing in Repair Maintenance HT 740 750 332 445. This transmission is behind a Cat 3126E. Shipped with Flat Rate Freight. In Fl it actually says in the school bus regulations and that all school buses must run transynd. Allison Transmission’s xFE models, with optimized gear ratios coupled with FuelSense packages, are released to further improve fuel economy. Our technicians follow factory training procedures and use 100% Allison Genuine Parts™ in …. Is it possible to swap a AT-2000 or a MD3060 trans. Products Friction Clutch Plates Steel Clutch Plates Transmission Filters Bands Sprags Clutch-Pack Modules Raybestos Powertrain Products. It just kind of tried to shift but stayed in the lower gear. With several major airports and sea ports within a short distance, Dartco can efficiently service your Allison transmission needs. There's 2 series of mechanical Allisons: the MT series and the AT series. This is a used Allison Automatic AT 545 Transmission out of a 1999 Isuzu FTR. AT-545 is an Allison Transmission: bus 1980, a 2008 IC RE 300 for Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, …. AT545 Shift Modulator Adjustment. So the transmission shifts-- for example 5-4-5-4-5-4. This limp mode locks the transmission into third gear, and. this is because the ally 1000 needs to defuel on …. For at sortere disse brugte allison entreprenør kan du klikke på sorteringsknapper såsom mærke, model, årgang, driftstimer, land. Switch, AT540/AT545 Pressure (On Passenger Side Of Case). These are the most common transmission. I'm still looking for a 3060 5 speed Allison to replace the 4 speed Allison. Quality Inspected Used Engines; Semi Truck Service & Repair;. Allison AT545 Transmission Service Manual. if yours is ahifting like that then you likely have a …. com/JaxAustin | Shop my Amazon Store: https://www. 2000 Allison At-545 Automatic Transmission Auto 4 Speed E-brake PTO. ATS Transmission Rebuilt Allison Transmissions and Parts. Throughout our long history, Allison Transmission has been a leader in innovation, creativity and continually pushing toward new advances in technology. This would depend on the year your bus was made. As one of the 18 districts in Hong Kong, the Central and Western (C&W) District is located along the northwestern coast of Hong Kong Island. In Central, Infobel has listed 31,712 registered companies. Allison ensures that our high quality transmissions endure with Allison Approved transmission fluids. Allison AT545 Transmission - Core Please Call. Browse a wide selection of new and used ALLISON AT545 Transmission Truck / Trailer Components for sale near you at Truck Locator United Kingdom. ALLISON TRANSMISSION REGIONAL OFFICES EASTERN REGION WESTERN REGION 19 Oaklynn Drive 39465 Paseo Padre Parkway P. The gear ratios in the four speed automatic transmission is: first gear 3. LKQ Heavy Truck - Tampa 1019 S 50th St Tampa, FL 33619-3629 US (877)557-8782. They operate hot due to no lock-up. Allison AT540 Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, …. Allison Transmission's xFE models, with optimized gear ratios coupled with FuelSense packages, are released to further improve fuel economy. Good day, just bought a 1999 c6500 with cat 3126 and at545. So I would imagine that the trans must be built to accomodate the 800 HP Cummins in a Dodge truck. no it was not ever behind the 7. This manual contains more than 190 pages of information, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, …. A gentleman responded to my add and inquired as to the SAE class bellhousing. Allison AT545 Shift Lever for sale. If you have a slipping clutch it is causing wear and as it wears the shift point will change. Engine runs, transmission shifts and the hydraulic brakes stop. It seems the allison AT545 is well known to chrip/squeal between shifts as well as giving off a distinctive whine. Transmissions Are Tested, And Delivery Is Available. TRANSMISSION, AUTOMATIC Allison AT-545 4-Speed; Includes TC-290 Torque Converter, PTO Gear and 1-866-389-0622. Throttle position that is an input via the modulator circuit. MOD01 BANDS BUSHINGS Kit Bush Kit (AT540 & Early AT545) (7 Bushings. The factory "cooler" is not really a cooler at all It is a heat exchanger to bring the transmission fluid up to coolant temperature quickly. Run the engine until the transmission fluid reaches the operating temperature of 160 to 200°F (71 to 93°C). Inspect the transmission cooler lines where they connect to the radiator and determine if they have the original plastic cap and spring clip as installed from the factory (see Fig. Allison (T112) Trans Filter Kit For AT545 37- Transmission. 543 - w/Armstrongfi 1 - K1100 K1100-LS K11900W Overhaul Kit. When dropping the transmission pan to perform a standard drain and fill transmission fluid change, you can expect to replace around 7. It needs an SAE #2 bell, is much larger physically than the 545, and weighs 525lbs (as much as an iron small block Chevy engine). The modulator cable control is designed to send the engine throttle rate (on a mechanically governed engine) to the hydraulic control valve in the transmission. That's what you get with Fleetrite® transmission filter kits. Output speed via the governor that is driven by the output shaft and makes governor pressure. Allison AT545 Transmission Electric Shifter - Used | P/N F2HT7200KA. but almost all TC/2000s were supplied with an Allison AT-545 automatic transmission. Output Type: 13T SPLINE DIRECT MOUNT. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Allison At545 and At542 Parts Kit 29523728 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! ALLISON 540 545 AT540 AT545 transmission overhaul kit gaskets rings and seals. Located in Springville, PA, US. Operator s Manual AT MT HT Series Chudov. Casting#: 9108214334 (Used) Allison (AT), TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY- Model: AT-545 RM Serial Number: 9108214334 Part Number: 29500410 Reference images for condition. 7 Optional: U60 Input Gear can be replaced by S68 Input Gear to obtain output speed 92% of speed shown. Automatic Transmission Filter, Governor Tube (23045247) (111014) Allison AT540 / AT542 / AT543 / AT545 / AT1545 1970-2001 Allison 640 / MT643 / MT644 / MT647 / MT650 / MT653 / MT654 1972-1993 Part #: …. We also removed the adapter off the bellhousing which makes the DT466 motor’s bellhousing smaller so the AT545 can mount. 2, we have them in the MLVW's (Canadian M35). Allomatic transmission filters meet or exceed OEM requirements and provide consistent, reliable protection for every rebuild and meet the. Hey all, I have looked through most posts regarding the AT545 and I haven't saw what type or kind of trans fluid people are using. I will be adding a cooler and changing the fluid and filters and was Some districts even used engine oil with allison's blessing 08-12-2019, 07:07 PM #7: Johnny Mullet. ; Warranty Booklets contain warranty information for Allison transmissions used in all applications. I converted it into a motorhome so I drive it . CASE (AT-545 MAIN CASE) Login to See Prices: 29502232-U. In reverse, I think that clutch #1 and #4 are engaged. It is stronger and the converter locks in 3rd and 4th. Just put in remanufactured tranny for the third time and the front seal is pouring. dependable & durable products that are easy & cost-effective to maintain year after year. Covers: Allison Transmission AT AUTOMATIC MODELS AT 540, AT 542(N)(R)(NFE), AT 543, AT 545(N)(R), AT 1542P, AT 1545P(N) The AT545 is the most popular transmission in school buses in the 1980s and 1990s and is generally a very reliable unit if …. TC2000 Allison 545 to 1000 swap with pictures. Very reliable trans, but is heavy and does rob some power. USED - Allision AT545 flex plate, P/N 3918959. (3 to 4 ton truck) to replace the previous Allison that had malfunctioned 1994 gmc c6000 top kick 6. 11 General Motors 2008 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION KIT & COMPONENTS …. I recently purchased a 1996 International 4700 with a DT444E and a Allison 545 automatic. IN Allison auto transmission with cummins 4bt/6bt adapter plate. The problem its that the reversa went out and its not working anymore so i d. Does someone know if these transmissions are still non computer controlled ones? …. We knew the Transmission had a few issues when we bough it but we did not thin. 4: 316 : Temp sensor location 3000MH. Allison 545N Transmission Fluid. or, 08 Subaloser Forester, 2" lift. 4th speed is not OD it is direct. Summit Core Supply 1465 Button Rd Springville, PA 18844. Abnormal shifts in an Allison transmission happen during shifting at high and low speeds. from the rear of the transmission, are illustrated in Figure 1. Tag #: LKQM 23042620R : OEM #: 23042620 : REMANUFACTURED BY NON-OE: Automatic Trans - 23042620 - Model: AT545. Some of the most common Allison transmission codes include 22 for issues with engine and turbine speed sensors, 14 for issues with oil level sensors, and 65 when the engine rating is too high. Used 1985 GMC C5000, AT Allison AT545 Transmission assembly, Serial Number: 3210308641, Part 1-855-272-6992 Email Seller Text Seller More Details. 9L engines bolting to an GM Allison 1000 transmission for model years 2001-2007, or with the LT Duramax bellhousing pattern. Like Modmech says, check to make sure you are getting full throttle first and that the engine is performing at its peak. The 515732 AT540, AT543, AT545 Transmission Filter is a replacement for OE part 1878301862, 29503617, 29506392, 94058636. The 4-speed automatic transmission AT-540 was designed by Allison Transmission in 1970 and was intended for application in single-drive axle vehicles with the weight from 10 to 36 thousand pounds. View All Transmissions Industries We Service. Service Manuals SM2148EN and SM2457EN, and Parts Catalogs PC2150EN and PC2456EN may be used in conjunction with this manual. Posted - 02/10/2006 : 7:42:05 PM. Allison AT545 Transmission for a 1999 International 4700. The engine is a CAT 3126, and the tranny is an Allison 545 automatic. Driver 1 ALLISON TRANSMISSION INDEX AT-540 ALL-4 4 R55 AT-542 ALL-4 4 R55 AT-543 ALL-4 4 R55 AT-545 ALL-4 4 R55 CLBT-750 ALL-6 5L78 CLB T-750 WITH OPTIONAL 8-BO LT OPENING AHEAD OF TORQUE CONVE RTER ALL-12 5 L64-T40 …. My bus will do 70 wide open on flat ground. Allison DOC® Premium is designed for use on 1000 Series™ and 2000 Series™, 3000 Series™ and 4000 Series™ and TC10® Product Family transmissions, and transmissions using CEC5/CEC3/CEC2/CEC1 controls. Shop the best Automatic Transmission Parts/ Chevrolet, GMC, Geo/ Search by Transmission Model/ Allison 540, 543, 545/ Modulators/ Allison AT 540 Modulator for sale today at Cobra Transmission. 1878301862, 29503617, 29506392, 94058636. Item Location Call for Information Warranty info. With your Allison, use the "down arrow" to select the lower gear when this occurs. Nearly every bus equipped with the Cummins 5. Nigeria's president Buhari just nabbed a big cash haul In what could be president Muhammadu Buhari’s first big publicized corruption win, the government will reclaim up to $153. Allison Transmissions For Sale: Browse 4,153 new and used Allison Transmissions including Allison 1000, 2200 HS, 2500 PTS, 1000 HS, and more on MyLittleSalesman. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons would. (USED) Allison AT545 Engine: GM 454 Transmission: AT545 ALLISON AT545 FLEX PLATE W/ SPACER. The fee will be refunded when the core is returned and inspected. Turbo 400 Filter Without Tube - Metal. In this issue of Keep Those Trannys Rolling, we’re going to look at one of the most common problems plaguing Allison’s LCT transmission group: inhibited gear ranges or shifts. ive got a really good jack and ive finally got everything disconnected from and clear of the tranny. Don't confuse that with a lock-up gear, because it isn't. Allison (T112) Trans Filter Kit For AT545. 1 allison and duramax allison, only difference is the converter and TCM programming. Features of Allison AT545 Transmission. Does anyone know who I can talk to about this conversion. Allison Transmission could not possibly know, evaluate, and advise the service trade of all conceivable ways in Model AT 542 Transmission — Left-Front View Model AT 545 Transmission — Right-Front View Model AT 545R Transmission — Right-Front View. Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50. Allison 3000: Mystery: Allison Transmission Forum: 23: 01-18-2014 06:45 PM: Allison AT 542 Transmission Question. Allison 2100 verses the allison 1000: BobnMelba: Workhorse and Chevrolet Chassis Motorhome Forum: 6: 03-21-2014 10:40 PM: Allison still shuddering. The old Allison 545's are used in the older model Thomas and Bluebird buses with the 12 valve 5. At Allison Transmission, quality isn’t just a goal. Browse Allison AT545 Flex Plates For Sale near you on MyLittleSalesman. The Allison engineers in all their glory said that to use their transmissions, a RPM governed engine was required to be in front of it. com you will find best deals from worldwide suppliers of New, OEM parts for Allison AT540 and other automatic transmissions. Extreme Dream Discussion starter I'm building a tow rig out of a 95 TopKick with a 3116 Cat and an Allison 545 tranny. Allison 1000 Transmission Parts Diagram …. allison at540 at545 pump to case gasket Automatic transmission. As the world leader in fully automatic transmissions, Allison Transmission offers our customers a global network of trained technicians at our Allison Authorized Distributors and Dealers to service and care for your Allison transmission. I recently bought a 1995 Ford F800 with the Cummins 5. '99, Auto, 4" turbo back, AirDog100, stuck closed waste gate, gauges (FP,boost, EGT). Web allison 1000 2000 series pre 4th generation circuit diagram. Location: HOUSTON, TX Condition: GOOD Price: POR. Depending upon the axle gears in the truck the MD-3060's 6th gear OD of 0. Cleaned all the grounds on the wiring harness. Would this transmission have the PTO gear installed. If reverse is out and drive is okay, it's most likely one of three things. Stock # 277972, MLS # 10857714. Condition: Used: Fits To Make(s) GMC: Fits To Model(s) C7500: Stock …. Item SKU: 24464640: Price: $2,700. The truck has about 40,000 miles and has 210 HP and 485 ft-ib. for example, if it is placed in the '' drive'' position and the accelerator is depressed, it usually stays in ''first'', ''second'' or ''third'' gear. if you are governed at 2400 rpm then. 1) Limp Mode (Allison 1000 Model) The Allison transmission 1000 model has a feature called “limp mode”, in which the transmission locks itself into third gear. It will fit Allison™ Transmission models AT500, MT600, HT700,V730, CLT650, and CLBT750 series. To check main pressure you need to hook up to the port on the drivers side, center of transmission, above pan rail …. One of these spares is getting a new transmission right now as well. Where to look and what to look for: 10-digit serial number on the bottom left of the transmission data plate. It has around 200,000 miles on it and is said to run and drive good, although I haven't seen it or …. Allison Transmission 540 543 545 RM Parts Manual eBay. Mileage shows 197,807 miles and is believed to be accurate. • 1949—Allison begins production of CD-850 tank transmission, division's most historically significant transmission • December 1949—First rail car transmission is produced; installed in the Budd Rail Car • 1954—First off-highway transmissions (CRT-5530/CRT-3330). ) It is completely compatible with Dexron 3 and Dexron 6 designed specifically for the Allison transmission. Item Tag #: 24725649: Price: $242. Allison Transmissions For Sale. None of the 500 series ever had park but the 55 hydamatic did. Find Fluid Cooler Lines Allison AT545 Transmission Model and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $109 at Summit Racing! $5 Off Your $100 Mobile App Purchase Automatic Transmission Cooler Hose, Rubber/Steel, Filter Mount to Transmisison, MF1 RPO Code, Allison, AT545, LP4, Chevy, GMC, Each. ALLISON Transmission & Gearboxes Truck Parts for sale in …. This mode is triggered by anything that could cause severe damage to the transmission, including severe overheating or towing a very heavy load. Are you looking for the best Solenoids and Sensors for Allison AT-540, AT-543, AT-545? Shop all the best AT-540 Solenoids and Sensors here today at Cobra Transmission. The FS-545 form is a Certification of Birth previously issued by U. AT 545(N)(R) AT 1542P AT 1545P(N) MT 640, MT(B) 643, MT 643R, 644, 647 MT 650, MT(B) 653, 654CR HT 740(D)(RS)(FS) HT 747(D) Allison Transmission has not …. Posted - 03/16/2005 : 03:39:08 AM. 00 : Condition: REBUILT: Input Dia: VERIFY: See more details Watch video. (GOOD USED) Allison AT545 Transmission, Part# 29514624, Pulled off a 1995 Cummins 6BT 5. Chevrolet diesel trucks use the 6. Used Allison AT545 Transmission Electric Shifter, P/N 500053C92 for sale, from a 1992 International 3800 Truck. REMANUFACTURED BY NON-OE ALLISON REMAN AT545. Allison TramsDiJissDffiM ©j AT 545 up to 235 hp (175 kW) (am ir^ 1 " 7 n* * I* AT 545 specifications rating + Net input power Input speed, full-load governed Net input torque Vehicle weight (GVW or GCW) 235hp(175kW) (max) 2400-3200 rpm (diesel); 3200-4000 rpm (gasoline) 385 lb ft (522 N-m) (max) 10,000 to 30,000 lbs 4,500 to 14,000 kg. Allison AT545 filter change New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly: Author: Topic : chips2002 New Member. ATS 3109002000 Auxiliary Transmission Cooler Thermostat. With this factory service repair manual on hand can easily help you can serve and troubleshoot Heavy Equipment, to resolve any problems that arise. 1997 Allison AT545 Transmission, Good used Take out mack midliner. PERKINSDIESEL1 · #4 · Feb 10, 2012. ALLISON AT540, 543, 545 139 AT540 REBUILDER KITS Allison Transmissions AT540, 543, 545 21 Bolt Pan Rear Wheel Drive DELUXE MASTER LESS STEELS OVERHAUL GASKET & DESCRIPTION QTY. I just installed a new Allison AT-545 transmission in to 1 of my 1999 Ford F-800 trucks (because the Cummins dealer I took it to said the old tranny was shot). 280 Lbs GVWR; locks in 3rd and 4th, SAE 2 bolt pattern. Allison 545N Transmission Fluid. The AT 545 needs warmed coolant to function properly. This part is New and fits your Allison AT540. Alison AT545 Complete Transmission 29514624 65627A. The input speed range of the Allison AT 545 transmission is 2400 to 3200 RPM (diesel) and 3200-4000 rpm (gasoline). 1, Parts Allison Transmission Cooler Quick-Connect Fittings 20-086 Freightliner. com are prepared properly, take it from an expert. Contact Us! (800) 872-6697 info@wellertruck. Box 400 Suite 2400 Columbus, NJ 08022-0400 Fremont, CA 94538 609-298-2541 510-498-5208 CENTRAL REGION CANADIAN REGION P. This kit will fit any Allison medium duty AT540545 series automatic transmission (Please inquire with the part number off the Allison tag located on the passenger side, toward the rear of the transmission if you are not sure if this will fit your vehicle). 540 and 542 were the earlier versions: basically the same as the 545 but with a smaller oil pan. OEM #:59000 USED Allison AT545 Transmission Control Module (TCM) #25148758 For sale at Sioux Falls, SD. Browse our big collection, or try doing a search for a more precise At545 Shifter using the search bar. Is the Allison 545 a good trans? How much power can it hold? 12V cummins about 400 HP 4. Allison AT545 Transmission for a 1999 Ford F800. , not much added weight hopefully, after seats removed. JP (Automatic Transmissions) Ltd Tel +44 (0) 1934 852772 info@jpat. The only AT-545 buses we have now are spares, but when they were in service they were getting new transmissions or clutch packs every two years. Citrus and cattle are big business in our area. On this episode we start the process of fixing our Allison AT545 transmission. On my buses they were not used and easy to see. The AT 542 is a non lock torque convertor tranmission and is coupled to a Cummins 5. Units meet or exceed OEM specs. The Allison 2000 series is a fully automatic electronically controlled transmission with five forward speeds. Ucon, Idaho, US Stock # 122519-14. Condition: Used Model/Part #: E001182 Core Charge: No Guarantee: 60-day money back. Plus the T444E only has 102K miles VS 303K on the DT466. (877)557-8782 Request Info Enterprise LKQ Heavy Truck Maryland Easton MD. See How To Replace Backup Switch And How To Repair A Bad Harness For The Backup Switch @Dairle Auto Classic Restoration Repair #allisontransmission#transmis. whats the upgrade other than a higher number? The allison 1000 is a stout 6 speed Overdrive automatic vs the 4 speed Non-Overdrive AT545. Allison Transmission China Holdings. Used 1988 Allison AT545 Trans Misc Part Transmissions & Transmission Parts / Trans Misc Parts. 9L came with the 48-RE 4 speed automatic transmission. 7K views 2 years ago #beaboogerbean. Allison Power Take Offs (PTO) & PTO Parts For Sale. Allison Transmission AT545/MT640/64 3/650/654 Filter. How do you guys feel about an AT545 trans behind a 6bt. { Oregon Performance Transmission will NEVER sell, transfer, show or otherwise cause your email to be seen by anyone else. I would rather use the Chrysler lock-up transmission, built to hold the torque as opposed to fitting in an Allison. the AT545 isnt horrid in the mountains if you drive it correctly. This is the same type of service manual your local dealer will use when doing a repair. Call for Price Plus Shipping & Handling. We are the largest RV salvage facility in the United States. Used in Motor homes, school buses, garbage trucks and many other midium duty applications. " Could be an at545, mt643/653, 2000/2400?? ben. USED - 1000, Does not include cable. Allison Transmission AT 545 Service Manual (190 pages) Automatic Models. Xcalliber has a comprehensive product line consisting of NEW stock and performance aftermarket parts, Genuine Allison® parts, surplus ,good used and refurbished parts for. at540 a543 a545 allison friction module Automatic transmission. Pdf format at545 allison transmission rebuild manual List of Other eBook Home Samsung M400 User Manual Manual Del Nokia Asha 303 Rock Ola 433 Jukebox Manual. You cannot simply put a locking torque converter on a 545 and likewise, cannot put a 545 non-locking converter on a. 1996 Allison AT545RM Transmission for a GMC TOPKICK. 00 : OEM#: 500053C92: Condition: USED: See more details. I hated to pull out a perfectly good transmission, but the last trip to Florida was pretty slow, poking along at 55mph. SHAFT, OUTPUT AT-500 (USES 29502231 BUSHING) Login to See Prices: 23046074-RZ. I have an at545 out of a Chevrolet schoolbus for sale on Craigslist. AT 545(N)(R) AT 1542P AT 1545P(N) MT 640, MT(B) 643, MT 643R, 644, 647 MT 650, MT(B) 653, 654CR HT 740(D)(RS)(FS) HT 747(D) Allison Transmission has not undertaken any such broad evaluation. While they place a new label on these transmissions, 545, 1000, 2500, 2000, 3000, and so on, finding parts may be confusing. Look at this Allison AT545 Transmission for a 1999 International 4700 for sale in Colorado for $1,150. Where to find your Allison transmission serial number The serial number of an Allison transmission …. 23043085 ALLISON AT545 REMANUFACTURED TRANSMISSION PLEASE CALL 866-PARTS-11 FOR AVAILABILITY AND LEAD TIME MUST PROVIDE SERIAL NUMBER TO ORDER! Warranty: 3 Year/ Unlimited Mile Warranty Parts and Labor – Simply the best warranty in the industry Availability: Most transmissions ship within 24-48 hours …. allison transmission service manual at545 free PDF ebook downloads eBooks and manuals for Business. BD-Power Auxiliary Transmission Cooler 1030606. EnterpriseVander Haags Inc Sf Sioux Falls SD. Used in Motor homes, school buses, garbage trucks and many other midium duty …. Allison Transmission Reverse Light Switch Location: Guides. 1994 Allison AT545 Transmission for a GMC C5500. To enter the oil level display mode: 1. This is a quick overview of Allison Transmission Codes and will be followed with a video demonstration on how to retrieve codes. Brugte allison entreprenørmaskiner til salg. Good engines, strong, reliable, and they run well. I HAVE AN AT545 ALLISON TRANSMISSION IN A 1999 MODEL YEAR INTERNATIONAL (NAVISTAR) SCHOOL BUS. Allison AT540 AT543 AT545 jpat co uk. Allison TramsDiJissDffiM ©j AT 545 up to 235 hp (175 kW) (am ir^ 1 " 7 n* * I* AT 545 specifications rating + Net input power Input speed, full-load governed Net input torque Vehicle weight (GVW or GCW) 235hp(175kW) (max) 2400-3200 rpm (diesel); 3200-4000 rpm (gasoline) 385 lb ft (522 N-m) (max) 10,000 to 30,000 lbs 4,500 to 14,000 kg • mounting torque converter gearing power takeoff drive. View photos, details, and other Transmission Parts for sale on MyLittleSalesman. trn: plug,filler,transmission,magnetic magnetic trans plug(mb2); transmission auto 5 spd, allison, lct 2400, w/pto drive gear lct2400 5-spd auto trans(mtw); transmission auto, 5 spd, allison, lct 2000, 3. Find the best priced used Allison AT545 Transmission Control Modules (TCM) by owners and dealers. GMC 6000 / Allison AT545 Automatic Transmission Talk. For Sale - 66-77 Bronco Parts, Toys, Memorabilia. Allison AT545 Transmission for a 2000 International 4700. Best Selling in Other Transmission & Drivetrain. Allison AT545 Transmission for a 1994 GMC C6000 Topkick. There are other rumors of Herbstreit having extra-marital affairs, but there has not been any definitive proof to ind. 1 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE S ECTION I 1–1. ***The core charge fee is included in the price you see below. Allison AT545 Transmission - Rebuilt $2425. Coming home yesterday and turned into my driveway and it stopped moving. Description: Allison Transmission AT545 variations include: 15029806, 15671042, 15680892, 15680952, 15681144, 15688693, 15688696, 15690364, 15691592, 15986020, …. Look at this Allison AT545 Automatic Transmission / Gear Box Serial# 3210646500 29502940 for sale in Tennessee for $699. Item SKU: 25408127: Price: $424. Allison AT545 Transmission for a 1992 Gm/Chev (Hd) TOPKICK. They were built to a price point, and as such have very limited specifications. A 5-speed manual was standard, with the Allison AT545 as an option, but nearly all customers specified the automatic. I have a 2000 5 speed Allison to put in it. Fleetrite Transmission Filter Kit. (7) Early AT540/545 parts up to serial number 3210775436. Location: Gear: transmission and rear end rebuilding and installation performed by the best. Gennemse annoncer for allison entreprenør til salg i hele Europa. Available as removed from our Used / Surplus listed industrial engines; Operational condition . We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. ALLISON Automatic Shift Controls Part Number 29538356. OIL SYSTEM Oil typeDexron® III, C4Capacity (excluding external circuit)20. Where is the neutral safety switch on a allison transmission?. Conversion largely complete, and pretty standard - I. As the world leader in fully automatic transmissions, Allison …. Hey Steve, my 2001 GMC t6500 has an automatic transmission that drops down into a …. com/shop/jaxaustin Vlog #511: Allison MT643 rebuild and reassembly. After disassembly of the yoke/driveline connection, the transmission can be. The transmission script is finalized. Automatic Transmission Filter, Governor Tube (23045247) (111014) Allison AT540 / AT542 / AT543 / AT545 / AT1545 1970-2001 Allison 640 / MT643 / MT644 / MT647 / MT650 / MT653 / MT654 1972-1993 Part #: IPN6-64471 $2. At SM CAR CARE, we are dedicated to providing top-quality maintenance and repair services for vehicles of all types. Useful datasheets for AT545 MT643 and MT653. MOHK01 NI Spin on Filter (AT545) 70-ON 1 AT545. But this promise doesn’t end after the transmissions are sold. Search our large inventory of New/Used Allison Shift Levers for sale. and is NOT an authorized Allison® dealer, or the OE manufacturer for Allison Transmission®, Inc. Email Us Call Allison AT545 Transmission - Core Please Call. SLEEVE-CENTER SUPPORT REPAIR -AT-545 (HAS DOT BETWEEN HOLES) Xcalliber is not affiliated or sponsored by Allison Transmission®, Inc. Fits Engine Years: 89-02; Fits Transmissions: Allison 1000 Series automatic. Only thing added seems to be locking TC. All 1k/2k and AT500 units have new genuine (AT 545) – 34-40 Ft lb (46-54 N-m). For the OP's info, the Allison 545 is rated for 235HP and 445lb-ft of torque. AT 545 Transmission Note There is no need to disassemble the mechanical park brake to remove the Allison 545 transmission. Check it out on our ebay store. Allison At545 Parts Diagrams Wiring Diagram Images Allison Transmission At545 Service Manual June 12th, 2018 - Transmission Allison 2000 A 5 speed manual was standard with the Allison AT545 as an option but. If the transmission is equipped with an oil level sensor, oil level information can be displayed on the shift selector. I have just sheared a replacement pinion shaft in the D140 Rockwell differential at a junkyard cost of $800 each. In this video, Eli discusses the Allison series transmissions: the AT545, the MD3060, the Allison 2000, and the MT643. Would a 1999 Chevy with a CV200 Bluebird body and a GMT530 chassis (also known as B7), containing a Chevy 7. Part Info (877)557-8782 Request Info. is there an adapter for an allison at545 transmission that you can bolt a dana 205 transfer case to it?. Just put in remanufactured tranny …. There have been many transitions over the years but earlier models would have had the Allison 545 … See more. AT 545 Allison Transmission, Rebuilt AT 545 Allison Transmission. Genuine Allison 29558328, 29548987 FILTER KIT, 2″ SUMP, FOR ALLISON TRANSMISSION. Transmission cooler install on a school bus. 6 liter Duramax engine, which is prone to intermittent fuel starvation, water pump failure, overheating, injector failure and injector harness chafing. The AT543 uses the same filters as the AT545 with the different shallow and deep pan choices. Transmission output shaft oil seal for the M35A3 (Allison AT545 or AT1545P). Your Chelsea PTO may be engaged by a cable, lever, air pressure, or hydraulic pressure. Used 2006 ALLISON 2100 HS ALLISON Transmission Assembly. Part Info (877)238-5030 Request Info. Remove the converter housing bolts. These conditions are usually a result of the Transmission Control Module (TCM) receiving incorrect inputs from …. Allison 545 Upgrades ?? Jump to Latest Follow 4023 Views 1 Reply 2 Participants Last post by marcdeluca, Apr 4, 2005. AFAIK no AT5xx-series transmissions have any lockup: only the MT6xx-series (in 3rd and 4th) and the big HT7xx-series (in 2nd, 3rd and 4th), plus all the newer Allisons, have lockup. I am looking at buying a second hand transmission and using it to replace …. The transmission is an Allison AT545. This setup however does utilize an allison at545 so i cant see it being much different if at all. It is generally cheaper in bulk than ATF I have found, and we have been using it for many years, with Allison's blessing. OEM Allison Automatic Transmission Oil Pan At545 At. Allison AT545 automatic transmission with PTO . Allison AT545 Transmission Electric Shifter - Used. As requested, a video showing how I can adjust the shift points on my buses Allison AT-540 transmission. DT444E Allison 545 Automatic Brake Line & Micro Lock Brake Q&A. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for. During proper operation there will not be any voltage until the throttle is opened 60% or more,then there should be 12 volts to the modulator. My friend (Rob deserves a lot of credit) and I have come to three main reasons and theories for two of …. The ones in the MLVW did not have that problem luckily. Box 894 Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-0894. going up wears out the truck, going down wears out the driver. Allison transmission 1000/2000/3000/4000 product families factory. Posted - 01/28/2010 : 12:09:14 PM. Transmissions (143) Manufacturer. Hello, I am hearing that there is an internal and external filter for this transmission. Unlike the Dodge transmission there are no upgrade parts available. TRANSMISSION CORES; CONVERTER CORES; ×. We can also provide PM maintenance and help diagnose any transmission issues you may have. so the project is an allison AT545 to Allison 1000 series Swap. Casting #919 pump only mates to late style support reference no. after emotors came out electronic transmission followed and they are the 1000, 2000, 3000 series from Allison. 29519304 ALLISON AT545 REMANUFACTURED TRANSMISSION PLEASE CALL 866-PARTS-11 FOR AVAILABILITY AND LEAD TIME MUST PROVIDE SERIAL NUMBER TO ORDER! Warranty: 3 Year/ Unlimited Mile Warranty Parts and Labor – Simply the best warranty in the industry Availability: Most transmissions ship within 24-48 hours …. This Rebuild Kit Is Of The Highest Quality And Meets OEM Standards. Allison AT540 / AT543 / AT545 704 898 554 335 334 PTO Gear Forward Drum 964 974 984 877 564 230 231 232 574 124 104 570 Forward Clutch 231K 876 235 985-5 985 975 …. Engine runs, transmission shifts, brakes stop. This was due in part to the smaller rad capacity. I figured other people might find them useful so I'm posting them here. Allison Transmission AT Series Operator's Manual. The gear switches are now capable of forcing the vehicle to keep in one single gear indepen. Browse a wide selection of new and used ALLISON Plant Attachments for sale near you at Machinery Trader United Kingdom. They really would need a lower torque multiplication ratio. Allison 2500 Rds Transmission Component - Used | P/N 3916222. Heavy Duty Torque Converter. It seems to run fine but I know its not gonna have the balls to tow a 35' trailer with two trucks on it. Allison Transmission Forum - A forum for discussion of the Allison Transmission as related to RV usage. Allison has upgraded its transmission to the 2000 PTS and 3000 PTS series models and those seem to be the ones in many school buses currently. I have no previous service record, but the truck was used by the city. It lists the gear ratios, rated torque/hp, weight, …. Complete Allison AT545 Transmission Assembly, Good Condition, Call For More Information And Shipping Quote. ALLISON MT B 640 643 644 647 650 653 654. Until now, my only complaint is that I should have bought a truck with more guts -- our 4700 was built for urban deliveries not over the road use. item 8 2001 Allison AT545 Transmission, Good used Take out 2001 Allison AT545 Transmission, Good used Take out. Allison AT545 automatic transmission with PTO gears. The driveline is a Cummins 6BT 12V & an Allison AT545 (no lock-up, 1-1 output ratio) At 62mph the rpm’s are 2400, this is acting like a 4. Find great deals and sell your items for free. Allison At545 Remanufactured Transmissions. Had to replace about 1 per year out of a fleet of about 12 of these carbs. Allison Authorized services encompass all of the care you need to keep your Allison transmission running smoothly. Allomatic transmission filters meet or exceed OEM requirements and provide consistent, reliable protection for every rebuild and meet the challenge of tough OE quality testing. Enjoy our hassle-free online checkout or call to speak to an expert. The main disadvantages are size and weight. View the profiles of professionals named "Allison Chong" on LinkedIn. My friend (Rob deserves a lot of credit) and I have come to three main reasons and theories for two of those reasons. There are no products listed under this category. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The 545 also worked well behind a Detroit 8. If memory serves correct the AT-545 is a hydraulic control transmission but the MD series is electronic control which makes the manual swap that much more attractive. There are basically three converters. Title: Allison transmissions automatic models AT 540 up to 200 HP (149 kW) Physical Description: 1 document (4 pages) Description:. View photos, details, and other Transmissions for sale on MyLittleSalesman. I put a used Allison transmission into a farm truck. Allison Transmission AUTOMATIC MODELS AT 540, AT 542(N)(R)(NFE), AT 543, AT 545(N)(R), AT 1542P, AT 1545P(N) FEBRUARY 1996 Revision 1, 1999 April Division of General. Allison 2000 for AT545 swap. first complaint and the rebuild stated it was over full on oil this transmission is a fresh rebuild and the company had to go back and reset the modulator for the hard shift complaint. Allison Transmission Parts Price Catalog Pages. Allison AT545 Transmission, P/N 29508650 for sale. New Genuine Allison AT545 / MT640 / MT643 transmission Electronic Modulator 12V. The RedByrd TRANSformation. Allison Transmission AUTOMATIC MODELS AT 540, AT 542(N)(R)(NFE), AT 543, AT 545(N)(R), AT 1542P, AT 1545P(N) FEBRUARY 1996 Revision 1, 1999 April Division of General Motors Corporation P. Input the rear gear, input the final drive, input the tire size, input either speed or rpm, and receive your answer of speed or rpm. We have found a few have failed and it is likely due to the fact they really are under rated for the higher torque engines. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. or call us at 1-800-927-9296 for more information. ALLISON AT545 TRANSMISSION 2000. asking $200obo for a transmission and adapter ring. 3 million in misappropriated funds from Nigeria’s controversial. My question is how much torque and horsepower can the allison tranny hold up too?. The Insider Trading Activity of Ausband Allison C on Markets Insider. ALLISON AT545N Transmission Assembly. The newer model AT 545 uses an electric modulator instead of a vacuum or mechanical style modulator. ALLISON AT545 TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY OEM# 23042620 …. 4L Vortec 7400 gasoline engine, have an Allison AT545, or an MT643 transmission paired to it? I can tell by photos in the ad that it is a 4 speed. and is NOT an authorized Allison® dealer,. Home / 34- Filters / Transmission Filters / Allison (T112) Trans Filter Kit For AT545. the MT643 would now bolt directly to the motor (as it was intended!) at this point, 3 hours into the project we discovered that the. I have searched high and low on the forum and the internet and cannot seem to find out the following info: Would a 1999 Chevy with a CV200 Bluebird body and a GMT530 chassis (also known as B7), containing a Chevy 7. Find great deals on eBay for allison at545. Allison Transmission Electronic Shift Selector P/N 29546173. Serial # 3210946572 P/N 98J03 Truck: . Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Other Transmission & Drivetrain. Chassis: T/C 2000 28 foot Handy Bus. ITS PROBLEM IS IN THE - Answered by a verified Technician. Allison Transmission AT545/MT640/643/650/654 Filter. Accordingly, ANYONE WHO USES A SERVICE PROCEDURE OR TOOL WHICH IS NOT. Search our large inventory of New/Rebuilt/Used Allison PTO | Power Take Offs for sale. Modern Allison Transmissions come with a limp mode installed. Jump to Latest Follow 1905 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by addleman89, Oct 4, 2006. Find great deals on eBay for Allison AT545 in Complete Auto …. I am contemplating purchasing a 1990 International. Spawning from the success Allison had with its AT542 automatic transmissions in the medium-duty segment, the Allison LCT 1000 was a much-improved version to say the least. The AT 545 behind a 190 HP Cummins won't last. Alln At545 Transmission Parts Breakdown Series Automatic Transmission. Item SKU: 25423577: Price: $424. 545 trans the trans is bullet proof. 04-28-2023 04:56 AM by Mojobus. 61 for 12 months with PayPal Credit*. AT545 - breather leaking - sometimes over a quart per drive. Almost every bus with an A2000 has had the tranny either replaced or. Compatible with / Fits Allison, GM, ChevroletAT540 / AT542 / AT543 / AT545 / AT1545 (1970 - 2001). Sgt Jiggins said: For those 1545s with serial #s GREATER than 321-101-6535 (or retrans GREATER than 9108-0912-20), there is a newer option for the front pump. For more than 60 years, PPG has been renowned in our OEM dealer network and with Allison operators for providing technical excellence in application engineering and sales, service, parts, and Allison Factory-authorized certification training. Our goal is to provide you with the best remanufactured Allison transmission at the best price as quickly as we can. ALLISON MT654 TRANSMISSION W PTO 34K MILES NO CORE 90 DAY. Although the 545 is certified up to 235 hp, the. USED - INSPECTED WITH WARRANTY Used Allison AT545 Transmission 6. item 3 29508036 Genuine Allison® Transmission Electronic Modulator 29508036 Genuine Allison® Transmission Electronic Modulator. Information about basic repairs for Allison AT540 can be read here. Allison Transmission has been creating world-class transmissions for more than 100 years. This ALLISON TRANSMISSION AT545 SERVICE MANUAL E-book start with Intro, Brief Session up until the Index/Glossary page, see the table of content for more information, if provided. 578 billions and employ a number of employees estimated at 520,608. both will be found on older buses pre-obd2 years. 3L IDI, 5spd - FARM TRUCK I Support: Trailer brakes an every axle over the towing vehicle's GVW; CDLs for RVers; Safety inspections for ALL. I have a 1996 Freightliner Utilimaster MT 45 Has a Cummins Diesel I am converting to a Motor Home the Allison Transmission is slipping in 3 Rd Gear so I am going to replace was wondering what other tranny beside the Allison AT 542 tranny what Other …. The transmission is large enough that . Stock # P-25223, MLS # 10847103. Ask Your Own Medium and Heavy Trucks Question. This model transmission had straight cut gears which cause that whining noise you hear. Check if this part fits your …. 2000 Allison AT545 Transmission Assembly. Allison AT540, AT543, AT545 Transmission Filter - Heavy Duty. 90 DAY WARRANTY ON PARTS, Serial#: 3210560146, Core Charge: N/A, Engine Make: Cummins, Engine Model: 6B5. • As shipped from the Allison factory, each PTO mount-ing pad is sealed with a gasket and a cover plate. To ensure optimal performance, your transmission includes new bushings, bearings, clutches, overhaul kit, electrical, filters, and the latest product updates. You can get a standalone TCM frome a allisondealer are get on from Howard Allison swaps. Working on a '99 International 4700 single axle truck in the shop right now. Get Shipping Quotes Opens in a new tab. Brand: Allison Allison Transmission AT 545 ; Allison Transmission AT 545N. I'm looking to re-gear the rear end with probaby 3. (8) Late AT545 parts from serial number 3210775437. It’s a promise—a promise to engineer the highest quality transmissions in the world. These transmissons will also fit a Isuzu FRR, FSR, Mitsubishi Fuso, UD as well as many GM, Ford, International, Peterbilt, Freightliner medium duty applications. In order for this transmission to transmit torque, there must be 2 clutches that are engaged. My at545 makes a chirping noise from 1st to 2nd and occasionally a groaning noise from 2nd to 3rd when I have a load ( never over the vehicle GVWR)and it is warmed up. The following information is not original to us. We are traveling a lot - it is an old Shuttle Bus by Goshen that my band. (Used) 1994 Allison, TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY- Model: AT545, Part Number: 29507134, Serial Number: 3210701629, Engine: Ford 7. my daily driver:67 F100, 300 4V, cammed, 4 spd. We have thousands of used RV parts,. Hello, I seem to be unable to find information on a transmission swap I need to do. 160° - 200°F (71° - 93°C) Converter-out temperature. Allison 1000 Transmission Guide & Information. Are you looking for Transmission for sale online? Searching for At545 Shifter or other relevant items? We share a huge collection of At545 Shifter, along with items such as Axle, Differential, Complete Transmission, Drivetrain, plus many more. Range Selection - MT 650; MT (B) 653DR. What Triggered the Rumor That Kirk Herbstreit Had Divorced His Wife, Allison Butler?. This item may not be available or is on backorder. Transmission Assembly, Allison, AT545N, Good Condition, Call For Availability And Shipping. Otherwise the front pump bushing might be damaged. The engine will simply stall at about …. 9 and an Allison AT545 transmission just being gutless.