Lane Cedar Chest Serial Number Location Lane Cedar Chest Serial Number LocationLane Cedar Chest serial numbers are dated in reverse, for example, if the chest's number is 2865150, so the production date is 05-15-68, or May 15, 1968. Value for your vintage Kane cedar chest is $200 - $300. Here at Chairish, you can routinely find these iconic Lane cedar chests in our extensive online inventory. Lane cedar chest serial 473110 style 02149 JA: What would you like to learn about the chest? Customer: Age JA: The Antiques Appraiser can help. having a value of $300 to $350 in good condition. The serial number is comprised of 11 characters and is located underneath the top lip, opposite the system ports. If you open up your driver’s side door, you can find another location for the VIN. Very good condition, wondering what it may be worth for sale. Lane dated it for me by serial number and style number on the bottom of the chest. Do you know what yea … read more. By colby, 8 October, 2010 Category. Where Is The Serial Number On My DJI Drone? (2023 Guide For …. Pur based Dec 1954 I can’t find this style anywhere. What is the value of a Virginia maid cedar chest with a 1958 serial number Manufacturing date for Lane cedar chest 1953 lane cedar chest mdl. If you've picked up a Lane cedar chest secondhand, inherited one or no longer have the key to the chest, do not worry. Note: Hover over the field text to display any help. Inside lid is "Lane Altavista, Vs" and "features of this chest covered by patent no's 1756746-1759401-1759402". How Do You Replace A Lock On A Lane Cedar Chest. Condition: wear to wood finish to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Cavalier Chest value and replacement of combination lock. This cedar chest belonged to me. By Mark, 7 years ago on China & Porcelain. How Much Is My Lane Cedar Chest Worth? Style No. I am going to call to see if I can get a lock without the numbers; I can send pics of my cedar chest. 1956 Genuine Lane Cedar Chest Style # 6811-08. For example, on a recliner, the labels are located on the bottom of the recliner and. Also all Lane cedar chest care still under a government recall order. Thank you! Share Share Share Share Share Share. Now that it's been passed to him, we're trying to learn more about it (value, etc). Add to Favorites Vintage Lane Wood Box - Mini Cedar Chest, Red Cedar Box, Hinged Lid, …. 27, will protect the fabrics stored t-herein from the ravages of moths, at the same time it is equally true that unless the top joints, that is, the joints between. I believe the date is 12/21/1970 by Natalie. Cedar Chest Identification. What did a Lane cedar chest Serial 268050 Style 192150 cost new? Wiki User. Find an ATM or branch near you, please enter ZIP code, or address, city and state. It may also appear on a label beneath your product's scanner unit or printer cover. In your case the extra number denotes which plant the chest was made in. What's the value of this Lane Cedar Chest from 1959? I have …. Today you can find many cedar chests listed for sale on different sites like eBay and Esty. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. and the interior has no staining and is clean, it would sell for $100-$150 USD in a private sale or antique shop. What is a Lane cedar chest worth, made in 12. Where is a Mac Serial Number Located?: EveryMac. What’s the value of a 1958 Lane Cedar Hope Chest style 8511-38 serial number 851250 all original with a few small - Answered by a verified Appraiser. I emailed the Lane Company in 2011 & they stated that the first few made in 1912-13 were not made all that well as they did not really have experienced help as well as not bearing any sort of serial number. This is a 1921 Lane cedar chest in style 48345Y having a value of $350 resale in good condition. WD Drive Utilities allows the user to register the drive, set the sleep timer, run diagnostics and perform a drive erase. From Roland Cota, 7/28/2011 7:41 PM. Your serial number does not include the * (asterisk) characters, if present. With original paperwork, SN 154010. Also I lost the key, is there anyway to replace it? Share. Value of my Lane cedar chest serial number 159350 and style number 92671-3. I figured it out- before 1930 the date was written forwards- so this was made in august of 1929--- 😀. Beautiful vintage HUPPE Canada solid wood faux drawers cedar chest. The biscuit-leg walnut "blanket style" chests. Can you give a guess as to its value? I have the papers but no key. A serial number identifies a specific device such as an iPhone. Its in f What is the value of a lane cedar chest from 1950 or 1960. The lane chests have been made since the early years of the 20th Century, production peaking in the 1920's, Values depend a great deal on condition and model, but most sell for less than $300. Your Lane cedar chest was made July 5, 1949 (read the serial number backwards). If you don’t find the VIN in these spots, check the front of the engine, on the front of your car’s frame, or underneath the spare tire in the trunk. Does anyone know what year Lane started using serial numbers?. Lane Cedar Chest repair/restoration. Farm Tractors (11,003) Industrial tractors (598) John Deere Reviews (2) Lawn tractors (1,442) Manuals (98) Massey Ferguson (937) Massey Ferguson 135 (8) Tractor Comparison (213) Tractor Review (1,043) Tractor Serial Numbers (55) …. com/collections/john-bear-woodworks-----Check us out on Facebook!. The serial number is decoded by reading it backwards to form 061141; the first two numbers represent the month, the middle numbers denote the day and. Vintage Cedar Chest From Harrisonburg, VA. Linon Zana Wood Rope Cedar Lined Storage Chest in Blue. From cedar chests, Lane expanded to occasional tables in 1951, case goods in 1956, and accent pieces in 1965. And finally, Lane furniture produced during the mid 1900s is just as sturdy as. Can anybody tell me the year and value of this chest? It does have some scratches. FYI, The lid is sanded already. 0 bids · Time left 3d 20h left (Wed, 04:59 PM). To determine the age of your Lane cedar chest, locate the serial number on its bottom or inside the lid. Art Deco cedar chest with lock removed. How to Find Savings Bond Serial Numbers if Bonds Have Been Destroyed. How To Recover The Fabric Seat On A Lane Cedar Chest. Vintage 1940's Cedar Chest - Light Pink with Brass Accents and Hinges. The chest/seat combination was very popular at the time. I have a Lane Sweet heart Cedar Chest From Lane furniture. I bought this Lane cedar chest off Facebook Marketplace last week because I've always wanted one and this is in terrific shape. com writer Scott Stump on Twitter. Cars can't speak for themselves, but a vehicle identification number, or VIN, can often aid owners, sellers, buyers, agents, repair shops, insurance companies, and law enforcement in unearthing. Find it and you are ready to go. Find prices for LANE CEDAR CHEST to help when appraising. The inside looks brand new with all the original labels and is in great shape. New Listing Vintage Lane Cedar Chest Jewelry Trinket Box w/original key Burdines Florida. Wrought Iron Spanish Architectural & Garden Antiques. Add to Favorites Antique Stewart Cedar Blanket Chest on Legs Burled Walnut Exterior Over Cedar Wood 1925. Judging by the photo, the serial number of your Lane chest is 111530, but the first digits are hard to see. We have a lane cedar chest standed on the bottom is 646260 style 2138 also …. HOW TO REGISTER YOUR TOOLS – NOT LEGIBLE SERIAL NUMBER If the serial number of your tool is no longer visible, enter in the required field ‘NOT LEGILE’. Sometimes there is an extra digit that indicates the plant …. A Thanks for the reminder about Lane cedar chests. Finding the serial number is super easy, it’s always on the back or on the bottom of your …. Manufacturing date for Lane cedar chest. How Old is My Lane Cedar Chest? I tell you how!. If you read the number backward, you will find the . Vintage Lane Furniture: Chests, Tables, Dressers, Chairs. com's own collection, the underlined W8810X481AX Serial Number is enough. serial number, model number, IMEI) on your Samsung product. Lane Furniture advertisement, featuring Shirley Temple. NI cable serial numbers typically consist of nine (9) numbers located beneath the Model Number on the cable itself. Lane cedar chest serial number 2885150 what is it worth? Rosebudbud40. Enter this code on the pop-up screen: wmic bios get serialnumber. Style number 2455-23 and serial number 2175121. Often stamped onto the bottom it will be a 6 or possibly 7 number series-- What I can tell you is that this is an Art Deco chest, walnut veneer. Cedar chest is in good condition a little tlc needed here and there but overall very n. style LIFT-TOP CEDAR CHEST Lane Furniture Co. What is the value of a Virginia maid cedar chest with a 1958 serial number Trying to find out age of West Branch Cedar Chest I have a 1971 Lane Cedar chest, style no. Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho. Value and Information on a Sweetheart Lane Cedar Chest?. Lane cedar chest serial number 031231 and style number 7944X. Cherry Red Vaseline Distressed Chest. 00, in very good condition these Lane Cedar Chests are around 550. LANE WALNUT CEDAR LINED BLANKET CHEST, 21 X 48 X 20 1/4 IN. Thanks to reader Kate, who tipped me to this renewed safety alert. Are cedar chests worth anything? Old Lane …. Before we go any further, let’s look at what a serial number is in the first place. An old cedar chest’s worth is based on its age, condition or rarity -- starting at $99 and as high as $700 or more. I used a drill to remove the eight screws holding the padded seat to the wood top. Lane cedar chest I have a lane cedar chest with the style nmbr 6739-16 & serial nmbr 759240. Find your AirPods in the list (for example, "John's AirPods Pro"). com: Lane Cedar Chest Lock. The Roos Sweetheart Cedar Chest was produced in 1952, it has an estimated value on the current market for an average of $575. In the beginning, Serial numbers started out being 6 digits read from left to right. WHAT IS THE VALUE OF A LANE CEDAR CHEST Virginia Made Lane STYLE 2328 15 SERIAL NUMBER 2695180. Item Details A 1951 vintage Lane cedar chest. value of my lane cedar chest ser# 450301…. Value of an antique Lane (Altavista, VA) …. Can this b Cavalier cedar chest combination lock. Let’s use an example HIN that reads YDV -88888 –K406. Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Drives: My Book, My Book for …. Its in f My mom purchased from sister in 1968 Tea Cart Sprague & Carlton stamped bel I have a Lane cedar chest. Enjoy all the in-flight perks on your Prague flight, including speed Wi-Fi. It only has a style number and not a serial number. Lane Cedar Blanket Chest Stamped to inside. This is a Lane cedar chest in model 482043 that was made on November 11th, 1943. Usually lane cedar chests have serial numbers that are stamped or applied to the bottom of the chests. Any cedar chest is expensive to ship (freight) so almost all sellers list their heavy items as 'local pick up only'. Based on current market values for similar period …. I have a 1927 Lane Cedar chest Pattern 48956 that was handed…. It is walnut veneer with a waterfall front over the cedar. Serial No 082327- assuming made August 23, 1927. The value of the chest in good condition is $200 to $240 resale. You can find the age of your Lane chest by looking for the serial number on the bottom. The example you gave for determining the age doesn't work with this serial …. Lane Cedar Chest Serial Value - baldcirclemidnight. It is in fantastic conditions, with key, with all labels … read more. One antique-lovers’ site suggests that the exact date on a Lane chest can always be determined by reversing the three pairs of numbers that comprise the 6-digit …. Expert's Assistant: The Appraiser can help. Log in or register to post comments; No votes yet. The firm was incorporated in 1910 by T. The stories is that several children were locked inside one. Its history of how it evolved into a family heirloom adds to every chest’s value. What is the value and year ofthis lane cedar chest serial number061150? Wiki User. Seller Location: South Charleston, WV. The serial number is decoded by reading it backwards to form 061141; the first two numbers represent the month, the middle numbers denote the day and the last two digits show the year. Find a Serial Number or Lot Code. Skip to main content Skip to footer See all stores below for our nearest location, or contact customer service for more information Bassett Home Furnishings. Can you tell me anything about it? Expert's Assistant: I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. In the current market these chests have rather modest values even if in good condition we often see them sell for under …. I'm sure the Shabby Chic has devalued it. According to your photo the serial number is 746140. Was given to me by an acquaintance 15+ years ago. )Lane Walnut Cedar Lined Blanket Chest,, Dimensions: 21 x 48 x 20. How do I find where to purchase a cedar chest? Cedar chests are available in many locations, but it maybe be worth. Most of these cedar chests have solid cedar cores and were used as hope chests or linen chests. What is a Lane cedar chest worth, made in 12-15-83? Serial number one 2385112, style 483261. In fact, Lane became famous for cedar chests during the 1930s through 1960s. HELP with a weirdly labeled Lane Chest style no 1348. This chest is a style 1703-50 and features a walnut cabinet with light ash trim. Gently Used Lane Furniture. Surface mount might need some fill-in pieces, and old latch will have to be removed and the new latch installed. It looks like it has extensive veneer damage around the base, this is not cost effective to repair. If you look online hope chests are listed for $150-250. I have a Lane Company Cedar Chest from 1930 - serial number 032130, pattern number 48586. com/How-can-you-tell-the-age-of-a-Lane-Cedar-Chest http://markmeyerwoodworking. The chest is valued at $125 to $150 in panted condition and I have my Great Grandmother's Lane Cedar Chest - Serial Number 040028 - Style Number 2244. some water marks on top and knob missing from small drawer. It also has a small pull out drawer at the bottom of the chest. The model number is usually located under the Panasonic brand name. However, your local law enforcement agencies may be able to use the serial. Lane devised their serial number system to protect their line of furniture from being reproduced. Share #1623 of 13930 restaurants in Prague #1120 of 5963 pubs & bars in Prague. ANTIQUE FURNITURE RESTORATION DISCUSSION BOARD. A unique, 1970s, bedroom cedar chest by Lane. Lane Cedar Chest Lock Recall / How to find out the age of your Lane. Expert's Assistant: What condition is the chest in? Fair. Pianoage by Serial Number. net, we’ll show you how to find t. on Oct 17, 2016 Purchased on Oct 31, 2014. I have a lane cedar chest made in 1971 serial number 2175180. with false fronts to give the illusion of three drawers. It is pine with cedar inside, the unit is on wheels. Lane Cedar Chest Serial Number Age - NEWSOFT - DOWNLOAD. It i Lane cedar hope chest Lane Cedar Chest Style No. All modern STIHL products use a 9-digit number as the serial number. While it's easy to see the "style" number, we've been unable to learn ANYTHING about what the style is (Art Deco, etc), and have. 27 Lane Vintage Cedar Chest ideas. Can you please help me find a value on this Lane chest from c. What is the resale value of a Lane Cedar Chest Model #565150, Style #224553. These chests (sold under the Lane and Virginia Maid names) have automatic locking latches and an airtight seal to protect linens from moths. The serial number is a combination of numbers and/or letters, without spaces or special characters. I am trying to determine the age of a Lane cedar chest with serial. Expected cost for a Lane Cedar Chests is: Anything produced after the 1940’s can be expected to go for …. Driver’s License Number: Where is it? What is it?. Someone repainted over the original finish with black and painted a silver fleur de lis design on top. Here are suggestions for selling: Facebook Marketplace is how most people post things for sale locally. I hope this information was helpful to you, Best of luck with your cedar chest, If you could leave any feedback on my service I …. Lane Cedar Chest marks means it was made in March 15, 1971; the other first numbers from left are in reference to the plant number, I …. June 16, 2019 1 found this helpful. 1961 Lane Sweetheart Cedar Chest. Look on the bottom of the chest. Lane Furniture chests can be found in a wide variety of styles, including Art Deco. Even Lane chests in very good condtion in this "Waterfall style" seldom sell for over about $200. This Cavalier cedar chest is in the art deco “waterfall” style, named for the curving veneer top resembling the edge of a waterfall. Can u tell me something about year it was made and value. This video provides instructions on how to find the service tag on a laptop or desktop computer. On a Lane cedar chest, you'll find it on the bottom. There are already a ton of Lane Cedar chests that have been appraised on here. Chests of this period in "good" condition sell for between $150-$200. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands Vintage Miniature Lane Cedar Chest Jewelry Box- Altavista Va. It looks like the Lane Dovetail step tables, except you lift a lid and there is a cedar lined chest in the lower portion. Shop our lane cedar blanket chest selection from top sellers and makers around the world. No, the last Lane cedar chest produced was in 2001 and the plant was then permanently closed. The Style is: 9593-23 and the serial number is: 2375110. Read on to find out more information on where to locate the product codes (e. In 1996, Lane Furniture Industries recalled 12 million of their cedar chests to retrofit them with safety locks. On the Home screen, press [Settings]. Need Info On Lane cedar chest. For example, 063270 would be 07/23/60. Interested to know the age and value of this Lane cedar chest, the chest is. If You Have a Lane Cedar Chest Here's How to Get a Replacement Lock …. Lane Cedar Chest 6 panel Style #1829-50 purchased 1964. Its in f I have a Dillingham blue bird Cedar Chest Style # 73848 Serial #052091. What Is an Edward Roos Cedar Chest?. These chests begin at $100 and can go up to $700 in their worth. Antiques and Collectibles Researcher. 255230, serial number code dated March 25, 1952, solid red cedar LANE CEDAR LINED BLANKET CHEST AND A KNOTTY LIFT-TOP CEDAR CHEST Lane Furniture Co. I have a lane cedar chest, style no 6151-10, serial number 657111, that I purchased at an antique store a couple years ago. The lock on your cedar chest should be replaced because a child could get trapped inside and suffocate. You need to read the serial number BACKWARDS (from right to left). Cavalier cedar chest 100- need to find a leg, any ideas? How old is it? I cant figure out how much this lane cedar chest value is. What year was my lane cedar chest made serial NO 2575150 style NO 237690? 1976. Lane Cedar Lined Upholstered Top Blanked. Earbud Date Code Remove the eartip from the earbud. ** Indicates a value is required. It is in very good to excellent condition measures 46'' long X 23'' tall. Enter maximum price Shipping Free shipping. If you threw the box away or removed the device sticker, you can still recover the serial number on a Windows computer by performing a WMIC command prompt. 103130 currently holds a market value of 200-250$. For an iPad (cellular model), …. Judy Gold Post Medal for All Time! 677 Posts. Discussion in 'Furniture' started by David Johnston, Feb 23, 2020. The serial number is ***** Does it say Serial No, or just No? If it doesn't say Serial No, I think it's something else, perhaps a store inventory number. I have a lane cedar chest serial number 080227. Replacing locks on vintage Lane cedar chests saves lives - Antique Trader. Some chests may also have an extra digit which denotes the plant location. How Do I Determine the Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?. Sometimes, there might be an extra number seen above. Fabulous Lane Retro Cedar Chest! This is a wonderful piece of American history. cart reminders) from Chairish at the cell number used when signing up. Value Of A 1940 Cedar Chest. com, or buy on the Heritage Home Group website. Is it painted with a painted top? I rarely see Lane painting anything they ever made, it was always choice quality hardwood. Lane was America’s leading manufacturer of cedar chests beginning in 1912. The location of your serial number varies between different Canon products. Lane furniture serial number lookup Search upcoming auctions from auction houses all over the world. Lane Cedar Lined Upholstered Top Blanked Chest, 18 x 44 x 17 in. They style N044215 Serial NOK121135. Its in f I have a Lane cedar chest that I want to sell style # 48-2080 and serial # I have an Ed Roose Forest Park cedar chest I am curious about. You can open the chest without the key …. 25 cents in cash and not stamps to Knechtel Furniture Ltd. What did a Lane cedar chest Serial 268050 Style 192150 cost …. Free Local Classifieds in Huntington, KY in. -- You have a Lane that was made in 1930 Lane dates back to 1912 when Edward Hudson Lane opened his company in Altavista, Campbell County where the Virginian and Southern railways junctioned. When determining the value of your Lane cedar chest,… How big is a lane Cedar blanket chest? LIFT-TOP CEDAR CHEST Lane Furniture Co. Find a CHASE Bank Branch or ATM near you. The body of the lock appears more compact than I expected. Serial Burgers restaurant, Prague. It is in very good condition with key. I bought it with the intention of one day restoring it and that time has come. They also believed that this one was most likely a first or second year chest. solving inequalities scavenger hunt. Ending 30 Aug at 22:41 EDT 4d 14h. Forest Park, IL The date on the tag is 4-12-46 an … read more. Still has warranty paper on inside lid. Mid-Century Modern Lane Cedar Chest A nice Mid-Century Modern/Danish Modern cedar chest by Lane. See more ideas about cedar chest, cedar, chest makeover. Lane Furniture Recalls Locks on Cedar Chests Made up to a …. Liz December 14, 2017 at 10:28 pm. If you plan on selling this I would list this for sell on the internet where it will have the. How to find a VIN number on your atv. In the Finder, make sure you're under the General tab. "Some chests may also have an extra digit which denotes the plant location. Lane furniture Alta Vista, Virginia Cedar Chest. The serial number is generally etched ( sometimes printed ) into the mounting ring of the lens it is sometimes very hard to see. It’s printed on a label inside the driver’s side door. are the serial and model numbers on my lane cedar chest ">Here are the serial and model numbers on my lane cedar chest. This means a chest generally has a five- or six-digit number that tells the month day and two-digit year it was built. Chest is mostly pristine however the footer has about a 4 inch area where veneer is damaged. You will also need it if you are claiming any repairs under your manufacturer's warranty. Beautiful painted cedar chest ideas for vintage, antique, Lane, and wooden chests. This label has other information on it as well. Hello! I have a Style No 1240 (Altavista) Lane Cedar Chest. Serial number 2275110 - production date: 01/15/72. I have researched and undersrand that the serial number backwards is the manufacture date …. Cedar Chest by Lane Furniture, Inc. What is the value of lane cedar chest serial number 456001. On 1stDibs, find a range of Lane cedar chests. Keep in mind that not all estimated values are obtained, your geographic area plays a big role in what prices can be obtained. Painted Furniture: 18 Cedar Chest Makeovers. Click on the style and you will find many options of wood, size and accessories. Some sites that I recommend for selling are Offerup. Lane maple cedar chest- 1930-40's. Style number 481995 and serial number 140280. I have a Lane, Allaista, VA cedar chest, Style No. "Some chests may also have an extra digit which denotes the …. Ready to ship in 1 business day. I am trying to determine the value of a cedar chest I own. Lane Cedar Chests manufactured before 1987 have a serial number that can help determine the age of the chest. I have a Lane cedar chest with style number 2211 76, serial number 2095160. lane 8701-04 cedar chest serial number 859180 with original key and tags value? by Guest. Alternatively, the "Command Prompt" can be used to find the tag. I have a Lane cedar chest, serial number is 2071221 and the style number is 4113 23, however, …. 2765190 Lane cedar chest style number 48910 I have a Lane cedar chest that I want to sell style # 48-2080 and serial #. I know this based on the combination of the style number, and the Lane mark. Keep in mind this interesting fact: serial number is most of the time read backwards (from right to left). You can also send photos once I've connected you. On the Settings screen, press [Inquiry]. Trying to find price of this chest. Serial number location Serial numbers contain important information about your product, including model number and DOM (Date of Manufacture). More often than not this is all it takes to bring out the naturally fragrant oil in the wood and refresh the smell of old cedar. It i Identifying the age of Thonet chairs and other Thonet furniture. Lane Cedar Chest Refinish. Everything still works, just a few minor visual things … read more. My Lane cedar chest: Serial Number: 632090 Style Number? 441265 Could you give me a value on this chest please? I have a box …. patent number(NNN) NNN-NNNN1987018. Hi Naomi, hope these help you out, From the Lane website: Usually Lane cedar chests have serial numbers that are stamped or applied to the bottom of the chests. I have a Lane cedar chest with style number 2211 76, serial number …. Yanmar Tractors Serial Number Location; Zetor Tractors Serial Number Location; Search for: Tractors By Type. I have another lane cedar chest that I would like a value on. Just got a Dillingham bluebird cedar chest style #65248 and serial #025290 Hello AA. A chest built on April 1, 1940, would read from left to …. Select the department you want FR Furniture Rehab Lane Cedar Chest Safety Latch Lockset Replacement (Retangle) $29. You should see a window similar to this one: Image Credit: EveryMac. Yes, Lane Furniture does indeed make cedar chests. A Genuine Ed Boos Sweetheart Cedar Chest, manufactured in 1948-1949 in Forest Park, Ill. A serial number is a set of 14 characters, made up from letters and numbers. Legs and molding are usually some variety of solid hardwood but not always cedar. I Have A Lane Cedar Chest Serial Number 0740321 Style Number 2231. Also where is a good place to sell it. Want this question answered? Be notified when an answer is posted. The Moth Certificate is still stapled to the inside of the chest. This is a 1932 Lane cedar chest that was made on November 12th, 1932 with a walnut veneer and applied carvings. Lane cedar hope chest Lane Cedar Chest Style No. Cedar chests are widely used to store clothing and linen because cedar wood is a natural repellent against moisture and moths. Lot # 27- Lane Cedar Chest on Casters- Mid-Century Style - SunnyCal. Newspaper – Simply set inside for a few days, remove, air dry, sniff, repeat if necessary. Mid Century Lane Cedar Chest. Consumers should have the chest’s serial and style numbers, which are branded on the outside bottom or outside back of the chest, available when contacting Lane. This video likely shows viewers where to locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Here are suggestions for selling if that is your plan for this item: Facebook Marketplace, …. I cannot seem to find the serial number on it. His business began to grow and thrive, and in the 1920's the Lane Company went national with a product that appealed to future brides and …. Lane Cedar Chest Serial Number Lookup. I have a lane cedar chest Serial number 0740321 style number. Find it in Settings on iOS or iPadOS. It also has stamped - H-2 TRAY or possible E-2 TRAY. ) – Same instructions as Step 5. Please read on, for the details: WASHINGTON, D. I'm surprised to hear yours doesn't have a self locking lock. However, the only way it makes sense is to read it backwards, where the date is January 1, 1959, with the. I have a Lane cedar chest that I want to sell style # 48-2080 and serial # I have 1942 lane cedar chest with paperwork style #481990 and serial#141250 Cavalier cedar chest serial number s-6896z also has drawer in the bottom ca. Trying to find out age of West Branch Cedar Chest. 00 + and you can add an extra $20. Vintage 1950 Lane Cedar Chest Serial #050150 Vintage 1950 Lane Cedar Chest Serial #050150 which dates it 05-10-1950 per Lane guidelines, style #2250 M (medium finish). One of the Virginia concerns central to the state's emergence as a furniture center was the Lane Company, maker of the iconic Lane Cedar Chest. Have a lane cedar chest that has the serial number 48591, …. However, the only way it makes sense is to read it backwards, where the date is January 1, 1959, with …. It warranties the chest against any moth damage and offers up to $250 if any moth damage occurs. Hi, I have a Lane cedar chest that I believe is from the late 20's or early 30's. The Chest is in the Art Deco Style. If you’re wondering where to find your vehicle’s VIN number, here are some of the common locations where you may find it: Driver’s Side Dashboard. How do you tell what year a lane chest was made? – Sage. There are quite a few cedar chests listed online for sale. How to Unlock a Lane Cedar Chest | Hunker. The serial number of your Lane cedar chest is 090527 (not 090257). Usually you can read the serial number of Lane cedar chests BACKWARDS to determine the production date: the last two or one digit in backwards is the day, then two or one digit in backwards is the month, then two digits in backwards is the year, then there may be an additional digit (first digit in the serial number) - the. What is the value of a lane cedar chest from 1950 or 1960. I have an antique lane cedar chest with serial number: 2765110 and style number:2814-82 Do you know the age, value, and authenticity of this chest? #BMW . Most antique cedar chests have a serial number engraved or stamped on a section of the chest. If what I read about reading the serial number backwards to tell when it was made it's 1933. You can read the serial number BACKWARDS to determine the production date. Where is the serial number on a lane chest? Locate the serial number usually printed on the bottom of the chest. This is a Lane Stowaway Cedar Chest made on October 2nd, 1963 in style 2133-22. There are two layers of paint on this cedar chest: blue and red. You’ll find this digit is either a number or a letter from the alphabet. Consequently, these six digits reflect the day, month, and year they were manufactured. Label on the anti-static bag where the hardware has been …. Lane cedar chest serial#845111 style 2331. I was given a Lane (cedar chest) Side step tableserial number 659030. 2235150 = 2 / 23 / 51 / 50 shows it was made on May 15, 1932 at plant #2. So your lane Chest was made in 07/31/50. Schwinn serial number location 1970-1982. The only info they gave me was the manufacture date (1966) and of course the new safety lock. To order your replacement kit, contact Heritage Home Group at 800-327-6944, by email at by email at newlock@LaneFurniture. ---It wasn’t until the 1920’s that the company really started to find prosperity and popularity in their furniture. Lane Cedar Chest Lock ReplacementThe dressers and chests in this line are also quite amazing. You can check the serial number of the machine using the control panel or Web Image Monitor. If your iPhone is in working order, you can quickly find its serial number by following these instructions, which can be done very quickly: First, tap Settings. Lane Cedar Chest Style Number 402I0 or 40210. I have 1942 lane cedar chest with paperwork style #481990 and serial#141250 My mother's LANE cedar chest model 1850, serial #648120 Lane cedar chest style …. It's not a Lane cedar chest because Lane stamps/burns into the inside of their chests their name and a bunch of other info. Read the number backward to determine the production date. If your Lane Cedar Chest does not have a child safety lock lane will send you one for free. It is 2 tiered and both tiers have locks. ExMark Lazer Z Model and Serial / Vin Number Location. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how. 1933 the solid red cedar chest having a walnut veneer exterior with Lane cedar chest Estimate $ 20-30 No condition LANE CEDAR LINED OAK BLANKET CHEST, 18 1/2. I have a lane cedar chest Serial number 0740321 style number. I had it refinished 10 years ago and the front of the chest was sanded. Vintage Huppe Canada Faux Drawer Cedar Blanket Hope Chest …. what was the year a lane cedar chest serial number 1477020 was manufactured. The exact format of the serial number varies by manufacturer. Values for Lane cedar storage chest. If you find a large stamp on the bottom of the chest to test air tightness this means the chest could manufactured by Lane. Dating Old Blanket Chest : Dating Old Blanket Chest : Blanket chest was given to me by older neighbor > Think it may be from Pennsylvania area and trying to determine age. Lightly Sand the Interior – Same Instructions as Step 8. Vintage chippendale style table lane furniture. For laptops, the tag is located underneath the system, while for desktops, it is located on the back of the chassis. In Furniture > Trunks > Show & Tell. Offered here is this Antique Roos Sweetheart Cedar Chest. It's made of cherry wood and has a shelf in the lid. The next digit could represent the factory ID. Value of 1962 Lane Acclaim 42" dining table, 3 12" leaves, 4 chairs?. The legs and moldings are solid wood and the interior is cedar wood. Lane Cedar Sweetheart Chest. If it has 7 numbers, the last number indicates which plant it was made at. I have 1942 lane cedar chest with paperwork style #481990 and serial#141250 Here are the serial and model numbers on my lane cedar chest. Edward Hudson Lane (1891-1973) founded the company in Altavista, Campbell County, in 1912, at a junction of the Virginian and Southern railways. Please select your product type below. There is no set worth for the Lane cedar chest. Based on Serial number, this was made on July 15th, 1966! Very good to excellent condition for it's age! There is plenty of storage space with a key latch that opens to reveal the aromatic scent of cedar. I have a Lane cedar chest, model #482043 and serial number #341111. It has slight water damage on …. Does the chest have a maker's mark or serial number? Serial number is ***** Show More. 1930 lane cedar chest features of this chest covered by Patent numbers +1756746-1759401-1759402 other us and foreign patent pending also is pressure tested for aroma style number 48324x serial number. By Amyc1990, 5 years ago on Identify Antique Furniture. Also why is a "lane" chest made by a difference company ie: knecht … read more. 00, depending on the condition and where it is for sale at. 27, will protect the fabrics stored t-herein from the ravages of moths, at the same time it is equally true that unless the top joints, that is, the joints …. Sometimes there is an extra digit that indicates the plant where the chest was made - …. That's not a Lane number, and also they never used yellow paint that I've seen!. I have a Lane Cedar chest the style number is 482073 and the. Value Of My Cedar Lane Chest. It still has the original placecards inside, and the original key still in it's pouch. Im looking for a key to a lane cedar chest. If you’ve lost your driver’s license and need to know your license number, there …. I have a Lane Cedar Chest and was looking to see what it is worth. Of course, cedar chests by Lane offer great storage that is mostly impervious to moths and other pests. 1960's Mid-Century Modern cedar blanket chest by Lane Furniture "First …. The general format is BXXX-XXXXX. The later serial #s are read backwards and will tell you the month, day and year it was manufactured. I have a Cherry wood Cedar chest chest …. In 1996, The Lane Company recalled 12 million cedar chests with latches that automatically locked the lid when it …. Do you know the current value on this piece. Red Chest Painted For Behr Paint. Both to compete for smaller volume locations. Normally there is some sort of label on the hope chest that will give you the manufacture and also the style number of the hope chest. Lane Company known for Cedar chests. That is because the value of the chest depends on its style, year, shape, and more. This model has one long drawer on the bottom. By Hastirehi, 7 February, 2015 Category. The model number is ***** It is i … read more. Lane will provide you with a new lock and key, the old ones were a safety hazard and were on a …. 00 for the original insert & key depending on the collector or consumer. Restored 1937 Lane Cedar Chest - Style Number 441437 Cedar chest. For chests made before 1940, the new hardware doesn’t latch closed at all. Later on the numbers increased from 6 to 7 numbersso 2045190 translates to September 15. I have a 1927 Lane Cedar chest Pattern 48956 that was handed. , reorganized and moved to Forest Park in 1918 as Ed Roos Co. Miniature LANE Cedar Chest Pies Lockport Furniture Co New York Vintage Small Hinged Lidded Trinket Keepsake Jewelry Storage Box 9 x 5 x 3. Antique Stewart Cedar Blanket Chest on Legs Burled Walnut Exterior Over Cedar Wood 1925. Although the Virginia Museum of History & Culture does not offer appraisal services for these chests, it is possible to determine the age of a chest by reading the serial number backwards. A serial number such as “2865110”, also indicates that the production date for this piece was January 15th 1968. Beautiful Mid Century Modern Lane Solid Cedar Blanket Hope Chest W/ No Lock. If this info is correct, Then it seems that your serial number, 2764110, should indicate a production date of OCT 14, 1967 at plant #2. Lane cedar chest serial #533080 style #481175X in good condition. Hello, To view the answer, you will need to be logged into the web site from your computer. Excellent condition - Answered by a verified Appraiser I have a lane cedar chest serial number 080227 JA: What would you like to learn about the chest? Customer: style number 1240 JA: The Antiques Appraiser can help.